Nigerians React As Many Die During Stampede At APC Rally In Rivers


Nigerians have reacted as many people lost their lives today at the APC presidential rally held in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Scores of persons sustained various degrees of injuries and have been evacuated to hospital for treatment.

The victims were trapped at the exit gate of Adoki Amasiemeka Stardium as they tried to walk out of the Stadium

Apc and bulhari have dealt Nigerians many blows, uncountable blows, unforgetable blows.

Remeber on saturday that Apc and bulhari have once again thrown Nigeria into mourning and weeping,

Will you vote back this evil Govt again?…

How longer do you intend to keep on mourning and weeping,Until 2023?

Do you know if you will be among the dead by then?..

Make your choice now and vote out Apc and bulhari on saturday.


See people Reaction below:



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